MV Diagnostics Limited is a research and development company that aims to deliver innovative technical solutions to diagnostic problems. We supply high quality veterinary ELISA kits and recombinant proteins/peptides to provide outstanding diagnostic performance for your laboratory. The company is dedicated to the development and provision of innovative immunoassays and reagents for use in clinical and research laboratories worldwide.

MV Diagnostics collaborates with Enfer Scientific to develop new singleplex (MVD-Enfer kits) and multiplex diagnostic tests (MVD-Enferplex kits).

MV Diagnostics Ltd collaborate with Sure Farm Ltd. to provide testing services for TB and other diseases.

MV Diagnostics Ltd is the exclusive marketing agent for the Hyphen BioMed Elitest ELISA kits.

MV Diagnostics Kits

Standard ELISA kits currently available:

Photo of Elitest MVV/CAEV ELISA Kit

Multiplex ELISA kits currently available:

Serology testing service currently available:

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